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Dec 31Org Mode publishing workflow for Sketched Books collection 6 emacs, org, publishing
Dec 30Start your titles with a verb to make them stronger; or reflections on titles, filler phrases, and my life as a gerund reflection, writing
Dec 29Sketched Book: The Inner Game of Work – W. Timothy Gallwey 2 visual-book-notes
Dec 28Weekly review: Week ending December 26, 2014 review, weekly
Dec 26When you feel like you’re spending a lot of time on low-impact activities 7 experiment, productivity, purpose, quantified, time
Dec 25Relaxed routines 8 experiment, productivity
Dec 24Emacs kaizen: ace-jump-zap lets you use C-u to zap to any character 2 emacs
Dec 23Making personal blogs useful for other people too 11 blogging, writing
Dec 22Exploring sketchnote colour styles drawing, sketches, visual
Dec 21Weekly review: Week ending December 19, 2014 1 review, weekly
Dec 19Figuring out what to read by figuring out what you want to become or make or do learning, plans, reading, writing
Dec 18Emacs Hangout #3: Emacs can read your mind 12 emacs
Dec 17Learning more effectively by exploring various unknowns learning
Dec 16Connecting to previous thoughts and covering more ground learning
Dec 15Sketched Book: The Stoic Art of Living: Inner Resilience and Outer Results – Tom Morris 1 philosophy, visual-book-notes
Dec 13Weekly review: Week ending December 12, 2014 2 review, weekly
Dec 12Sketched Book: Just F*cking Ship – Amy Hoy, Alex Hillman 1 entrepreneurship, productivity, visual-book-notes
Dec 12Building a better time machine 1 blogging, writing
Dec 11Where am I in terms of design? 6 design
Dec 10Emacs: M-y as helm-show-kill-ring 24 emacs
Dec 9Sketchnote Army Interview: Sacha Chua drawing, visual
Dec 8Emacs configuration and use-package 8 emacs
Dec 7Weekly review: Week ending December 5, 2014 review, weekly
Dec 5Emacs Chat: Karl Voit 6 emacs, Emacs Chat, org, podcast
Dec 4Monthly review: November 2014 3 monthly, review
Dec 3Improving how I organize notes with Org Mode 21 emacs, kaizen, org
Dec 2Learning slack experiment
Dec 1Recording from Emacs Hangout #2 4 emacs, podcast
Nov 30Weekly review: Week ending November 28, 2014 review, weekly
Nov 28Figuring out my own path to awesomeness purpose
Nov 27Keeping (financial) score with Ledger 5 finance
Nov 26Figuring out how my temporary sleep schedule interacts with programming, writing, and drawing 6 kaizen, productivity
Nov 25Using Org Mode to keep a process journal 3 emacs, org
Nov 24Thinking about word counts and chunks 5 blogging
Nov 22Weekly review: Week ending November 21, 2014 review, weekly
Nov 21Keeping a process journal learning, writing
Nov 20Beginner web dev tip: Use Inspect Element to learn more about HTML and CSS on a page 3 geek
Nov 19First steps towards Javascript testing development, geek
Nov 18Emacs: Limiting Magit status to a directory 2 emacs
Nov 17My current book workflow 4 reading
Nov 15Weekly review: Week ending November 14, 2014 1 review, weekly
Nov 14What could I do if I showed up in a bigger way? 5 experiment, plans
Nov 13The Google Chrome extensions I use 6 geek
Nov 12Dealing with uncertainty one step at a time life
Nov 11Emacs: Evaluating Javascript and CSS in Chrome using Skewer Mode 3 emacs, geek
Nov 10Planning little improvements kaizen, learning, plans
Nov 9Weekly review: Week ending November 7, 2014 3 review, weekly
Nov 7Rethinking delegation delegation
Nov 6Experimental Emacs Hangout 2014-11-05 1 emacs
Nov 5Cooking at Hacklab: Coconut barfi cooking
Nov 4Emacs, coaching, and unknowns: Figuring out what I want to learn 4 emacs
Nov 3Monthly review: October 2014 monthly, review
Nov 1Weekly review: Week ending October 31, 2014 review, weekly
Oct 31Publishing WordPress thumbnail images using Emacs and Org2Blog 3 blogging, emacs, org, wordpress
Oct 30Planning for winter – tweaking my layers canada, life
Oct 29Emacs hangout notes 18 emacs
Oct 29Hacklab Cooking: Thai curry from scratch, and coconut tapioca pudding too cooking
Oct 28Cupcake challenge: accepted! 1 cooking
Oct 27Upgrading from Rails 3 to Rails 4; thank goodness for Emacs and rspec development, emacs, rails
Oct 26Weekly review: Week ending October 24, 2014 review, weekly
Oct 24Coming to terms with online courses 3 learning
Oct 23On “Hell, yeah! or No” and other approaches decision, passion
Oct 22Reflecting on motives purpose
Oct 21Sleep as Android 3 android, geek
Oct 20Microsoft Excel: Converting a summary table / crosstab back into data rows 13 geek
Oct 19Weekly review: Week ending October 17, 2014 review, weekly
Oct 17Sometimes – often – I don’t feel like making conversation connecting
Oct 16More lessons learned from the recent sprints 2 work
Oct 15Tablet thoughts 13 geek
Oct 14Reflecting on my growth as a programmer 2 career, development
Oct 13Improving my response to oopses communication
Oct 12Weekly review: Week ending October 10, 2014 review, weekly
Oct 10Monthly review: September 2014 monthly, review
Oct 9Leveling up in cooking 3 cooking
Oct 8Questionnaires from people blogging, writing
Oct 7Becoming a better reader 2 reading
Oct 6Level up! Making IKEA-compatible shelves 2 life
Oct 5Reducing my consulting 2 business, experiment
Oct 4Weekly review: Week ending October 3, 2014 review, weekly
Oct 3Avoiding spoilage with bulk cooking 5 cooking, kaizen
Oct 2Planning for possibilities planning
Oct 1Brock Health and setting up my own health plan business
Sep 30Thinking about rewards and recognition since I’m on my own business, career, experiment
Sep 29Thinking about how to make the most of the new Hacklab geek
Sep 28Weekly review: Week ending September 26, 2014 review, weekly
Sep 26Recovering from a sprint experiment
Sep 25My path for learning AngularJS development, geek
Sep 24Yay! I rocked 2 -Uncategorized
Sep 23Categorical imperatives versus genetic algorithms 8 philosophy
Sep 22Index cards 3 drawing
Sep 20Weekly review: Week ending September 19, 2014 review, weekly
Sep 19Learning from the Alternative Uses Task 2 learning
Sep 18Programming and creativity 2 design, development
Sep 17Things to tweak or try this winter 2 canada
Sep 16Dealing with feeling under the weather 1 life
Sep 15Getting ready for my third fiscal year end 2 business, finance
Sep 14Weekly review: Week ending September 12, 2014 1 review, weekly
Sep 12Becoming Filipino-Canadian 2 canada
Sep 11Figuring out how to deal with sub-optimal times productivity, time
Sep 10Crunch mode experiment
Sep 9Monthly review: August 2014 monthly, review
Sep 8Gardening update: Reviewing my goals for this year 2 -Uncategorized
Sep 7Weekly review: Week ending September 5, 2014 review, weekly
Sep 5Doing more consulting 1 business, experiment
Sep 4Planning ahead for experiments 1 experiment
Sep 3Emacs Chat: Mickey Petersen 3 Emacs Chat, podcast
Sep 2Learning with the end in mind 4 learning
Sep 1What to do during open days life
Aug 30Weekly review: Week ending August 29, 2014 review, weekly
Aug 29The ingredients of your life life
Aug 28Routines kaizen
Aug 27Appreciation and imagining loss 5 philosophy
Aug 26Tweaking the way I write kaizen, writing
Aug 25Woohoo, closure! life
Aug 24Weekly review: Week ending August 22, 2014 review, weekly
Aug 22Anticipating experiment outcomes experiment
Aug 21Getting the hang of exercising 1 life
Aug 20Nudging the balance toward work business, experiment
Aug 19“Call no man happy until he is dead” – I think it’s okay to be happy 3 philosophy
Aug 18Drawing update cat, learning
Aug 17Weekly review: Week ending August 15, 2014 review, weekly
Aug 15Becoming comfortable with simplicity and even discomfort 1 philosophy
Aug 14Back to drawing digitally, thanks to Wacom drivers 1 geek
Aug 13Shopping for clothes family
Aug 12Turning 31 review, yearly
Aug 11Monthly review: July 2014 monthly, review
Aug 9Weekly review: Week ending August 8, 2014 2 review, weekly
Aug 8Learning philosophy at the right time 1 philosophy
Aug 7Thinking about leisure activities: noble, advantageous, pleasant 2 experiment, philosophy
Aug 6Writing incomplete thoughts writing
Aug 5That moment when time comes together philosophy
Aug 4Sharing cooking adventures 4 connecting, cooking
Aug 3Weekly review: Week ending August 1, 2014 review, weekly
Aug 1Living like you’re old 4 philosophy
Jul 31Stoic impressions: Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down 1 philosophy
Jul 30Teaching myself to prefer what’s good for me kaizen
Jul 29What’s in your handbook? 4 reflection
Jul 28On Aristotle and talking to people about troubles connecting
Jul 27Weekly review: Week ending July 25, 2014 review, weekly
Jul 25Learning from frugal lives of years past 1 experiment, finance
Jul 24Emacs Chat: Harry R. Schwartz 1 Emacs Chat, podcast
Jul 24Don’t worry about your tools in the beginning: Avoiding premature optimization 1 decision, productivity
Jul 23Becoming the sort of person I want to be 8 analysis, issues, life
Jul 22Learning from things I like: Books about applying advice to your life writing
Jul 21Planning my next little business business, entrepreneurship, experiment
Jul 20Weekly review: Week ending July 18, 2014 review, weekly
Jul 18Hacklab open houses and connecting through cooking connecting
Jul 17Quiet days 3 experiment, reflection
Jul 16Designing Help and Support: Skype design
Jul 15Monthly review: June 2014 monthly, review
Jul 14What are people looking for when they talk about their challenges? 2 communication, connecting
Jul 13Weekly review: Week ending July 11, 2014 review, weekly
Jul 11House culture connecting
Jul 10Learning to design Help and Support communities: Apple deep dive design
Jul 9Made my first laser cut thing! geek
Jul 8Learning from things I like: Smashing Magazine’s responsiveness 1 design
Jul 7Learning life skills from philosophers reflection
Jul 6Weekly review: Week ending July 4, 2014 review, weekly
Jul 4Developing opinions 7 decision, learning, reflection
Jul 3Reflecting on relationships for a good life 1 friends, reflection
Jul 2Learning to design Help and Support communities: Adobe deep dive 2 design
Jul 1It’s okay to clear the garden and start again 6 gardening
Jun 30Reflections on Aristotle, ends, and leisure 2 life, reflection
Jun 29Weekly review: Week ending June 27, 2014 review, weekly
Jun 28A long, long weekend 2 life
Jun 26Read Lisp, Tweak Emacs (Beginner 4/4): “How can I add more features? How do I deal with errors?” 2 emacs
Jun 25This is the year I’m going to build an exercise habit 2 life
Jun 24I notice I have cyclic interests learning
Jun 23The garden is becoming part of my daily life 1 gardening
Jun 22Weekly review: Week ending June 20, 2014 review, weekly
Jun 20Dealing with the doldrums 2 life
Jun 19Read Lisp Tweak Emacs (Beginner 3/4): How can I make things more convenient? 4 emacs
Jun 18Baby steps towards investing 2 finance
Jun 17Summarizing the last meeting dates in Org Contacts emacs, org
Jun 16Realistic expectations, ruthless elimination, and rapid exploration 4 productivity
Jun 15In the garden gardening
Jun 14Weekly review: Week ending June 13, 2014 review, weekly
Jun 13Read Lisp Tweak Emacs [Beginner 2/4]: How to understand what Emacs Lisp code does 1 emacs
Jun 12Quantified Awesome: Added sparklines and percentages 1 quantified
Jun 11Slowly getting the hang of Clojure 4 geek
Jun 10Dealing with uncertainty 1 life
Jun 9SSL issues after moving to Ubuntu Precise geek
Jun 8Weekly review: Week ending June 6, 2014 review, weekly
Jun 6What could Emacs coaching look like? 1 emacs
Jun 5Read Lisp, Tweak Emacs [Beginner 1/4]: How to try Emacs Lisp 4 emacs
Jun 4Monthly review: May 2014 1 monthly, review
Jun 3Emacs: beginner, intermediate, advanced 3 emacs
Jun 2What am I learning about and what can I write about more? 1 life
Jun 1Weekly review: Week ending May 30, 2014 weekly
May 31Emacs Chat: Oh no, my chat with Bodil Stokke didn’t get recorded! 2 emacs
May 30Emacs Chat: Christopher Wellons 3 emacs, Emacs Chat, podcast
May 29Hmm, maybe I’m not slacking off after all experiment, quantified
May 28Playing around with Clojure, Cider, and 4Clojure emacs, org
May 27Reflecting on risk aversion 2 experiment
May 26More gardening notes gardening
May 25Weekly review: Week ending May 23, 2014 weekly
May 23Writing for myself 1 -Uncategorized
May 22How to draw a visual summary of a book 2 drawing
May 21Cobbling together a semi-auto-responder using Emacs, Gnus, and org-contacts 4 emacs, org
May 20Mental hacks for slower speech communication, kaizen, speaking
May 20Emacs Chat: Bozhidar Batsov 2 emacs, Emacs Chat, podcast
May 19Three productivity tools 2 productivity
May 18Weekly review: Week ending May 16, 2014 3 weekly
May 16Planning an e-mail-based course for Emacs Lisp 5 emacs, teaching
May 15Things to do when you aren’t sure what to do with your life planning
May 14Visual book notes: Mastery (Robert Greene) 6 visual-book-notes
May 13Small talk tweaks 3 connecting, kaizen
May 12How to update the Org 7 that comes with Emacs to Org 8 (more configuration! better exports!) 7 emacs, org
May 11Weekly review: Week ending May 9, 2014 weekly
May 10Emacs Chat: Phil Hagelberg 3 emacs, Emacs Chat, podcast
May 9Update on time tracking with Quantified Awesome and with Emacs 1 quantified
May 8Monthly review: April 2014 1 monthly, review
May 7Making my Emacs-related blog posts available for offline reading 1 emacs
May 6Thinking about what I want to do with my time 2 decision, experiment, planning, time
May 52048 in Emacs, and colours too 10 emacs
May 3Weekly review: Week ending May 2, 2014 1 weekly
May 3Emacs Chat: Xah Lee (ErgoEmacs) 3 Emacs Chat, podcast
May 2Getting R and ggplot2 to work in Emacs Org Mode Babel blocks; also, tracking the number of TODOs 11 emacs, org, quantified
May 1On why frugal me is cool with paying other people to do things delegation, finance
Apr 30Thinking about my TODO keywords 2 emacs, org, productivity
Apr 29Quantified Self: Analyzing 32 months of clothing data quantified
Apr 28Reflecting on 10 episodes of Emacs Chats 7 emacs
Apr 26Weekly review: Week ending April 25, 2014 2 weekly
Apr 25How Org Mode helps me deal with an ever-growing backlog 5 emacs, org, productivity
Apr 24Planning ahead for the stories experiment
Apr 23Reinvesting time and money into Emacs 25 emacs, experiment
Apr 22How I use Google Chrome custom search engines for quick access 3 geek, productivity, tips
Apr 21Emacs Chat: Jānis Mancēvičs emacs, Emacs Chat, podcast
Apr 21Emacs ABCs: A is for Apropos 3 emacs
Apr 20Weekly review: Week ending April 18, 2014 weekly
Apr 18Started gardening – April 2014 gardening
Apr 17Rethinking my time categories: the blurring of business and discretionary activities business, experiment, quantified, time
Apr 16Reflecting on goal factoring and akrasia productivity, reflection
Apr 15Lion cut 2 cat
Apr 14Emacs beginner resources 3 -Uncategorized, emacs
Apr 13Weekly review: Week ending April 11, 2014 2 weekly
Apr 12Monthly review: March 2014 1 monthly, review
Apr 11Working fast and slow experiment
Apr 10Emacs Chat: Tom Marble 1 emacs, Emacs Chat, podcast
Apr 10Digging into my limiting factors when it comes to interviewing people for podcasts 1 kaizen, podcasting
Apr 9Raspberry Pi LitterBox Cam and quantified cats 14 cat, geek, quantified
Apr 8Notes from Visual Thinkers Toronto: Sketchnoting with others drawing, meetup, sketchnotes
Apr 7Emacs Chat: Iannis Zannos – Emacs and SuperCollider 3 emacs, Emacs Chat, podcast
Apr 7Emacs Basics: Customizing Emacs 2 emacs, emacs-basics, podcast
Apr 6Weekly review: Week ending April 4, 2014 weekly
Apr 4Experiment update: Mid-term pre-mortem check experiment
Apr 3More Emacs drawings: Dired, moving around 1 emacs
Apr 2Figuring out a fair price for outsourcing work delegation
Apr 1Frugal Fire 003: Dealing with Pushback Frugal FIRE, podcast
Mar 31Emacs Basics: Call commands by name with M-x (with tips for better completion using ido or helm) emacs, emacs-basics, podcast
Mar 30Weekly review: Week ending March 28, 2014 weekly
Mar 28Visual book review: Conscious Millionaire: Grow your business by making a difference (JV Crum III) entrepreneurship, visual-book-notes
Mar 27Emacs tweaks: Export Org checkboxes using UTF-8 symbols 7 emacs, org, tips
Mar 26Thinking about how virtual assistants can help me with learning and writing 4 blogging, delegation
Mar 25Sketchnotes 2013 in print, yay! 10 publishing, writing
Mar 24Emacs Basics: Using the mouse emacs, emacs-basics, podcast
Mar 23Weekly review: Week ending March 21, 2014 weekly
Mar 21Living your dream 6 life, reflection
Mar 20Emacs, Evernote (through enscript.exe), and Org links emacs, org
Mar 19Contemplating co-op: How can I get to the point of being able to offer a good high school co-op placement? 9 delegation
Mar 18Goal factoring, reflecting on what I can do with my time, and enjoying a buffet of goals 7 planning, time
Mar 17Static friction and socializing 4 connecting
Mar 17Replay: Meloney Hall interviewed me about sketchnoting drawing, podcast, sketchnotes
Mar 15Weekly review: Week ending March 14, 2014 weekly
Mar 14Frugal Fire 002: Justin McCurry (RootOfGood) Frugal FIRE, podcast
Mar 14Going fishing for three years 3 experiment
Mar 13Frugal Fire 001: Introductions Frugal FIRE, podcast
Mar 13Drafting a baby-steps guide to managing your tasks with Org Mode for Emacs emacs, org
Mar 12How much does it cost to start with virtual assistance? 2 delegation
Mar 11Describing my personal knowledge management routines with Harold Jarche’s Seek-Sense-Share framework 6 learning, podcast, process, sharing
Mar 10Good enough, good, awesome: Thinking about what I want to get to learning, plans
Mar 9Monthly review: February 2014 monthly, review
Mar 8Weekly review: Week ending March 7, 2014 weekly
Mar 7How I animate sketches with Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and Camtasia Studio 2 drawing, process
Mar 6New free/pay what you want resource: Sketchnotes 2013; also, Emacs Dired rocks 3 drawing, emacs
Mar 5Delegation update 2 delegation
Mar 4More notes on managing a large blog archive: 17 things I do to handle 10+ years of blog posts 8 blogging, wordpress
Mar 3Reflecting on what I want to contribute to and how interested people might (semi-)work with me 2 experiment
Mar 1Weekly review: Week ending February 28, 2014 weekly
Feb 28What you’re really there to learn in computer science 10 geek, teaching
Feb 27HHO010: Education with Laurie Flood Helpers Help Out
Feb 27Reflections on infopreneurship 2 entrepreneurship, experiment, writing
Feb 27Delegation: “How can I trust people?” delegation
Feb 26WordPress: Make a sequence of posts easier to navigate with Organize Series wordpress
Feb 25Audio comparison: Blue Yeti vs headset, webcam microphone, video 4 analysis, geek
Feb 24Thinking about the design of my blog 2 wordpress
Feb 23Weekly review: Week ending February 21, 2014 weekly
Feb 21HHO009: Charging 101 with Rachida Dukes Helpers Help Out
Feb 21Don’t be afraid of mistakes when delegating 6 delegation, management
Feb 20Free/pay-what-you-want resources for sketchnoting with Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 4 drawing
Feb 19Reflection: Two years into my 5-year experiment experiment, yearly
Feb 18What the LEGO Movie and programming are helping me learn about delegation delegation
Feb 17Test-driven learning 2 learning
Feb 16Monthly review: January 2014 monthly, review
Feb 15Weekly review: Week ending February 14, 2014 weekly
Feb 14From networking with people to networking around ideas: How I stopped worrying about keeping in touch 8 connecting
Feb 13A No Excuses Guide to Blogging (PDF, EPUB, MOBI – free!); also, notes on publishing 18 book, writing
Feb 12Focus and fluency: learning when you’re a fox 4 learning, tips
Feb 11Reflections on learning to be an entrepreneur delegation, entrepreneurship, experiment
Feb 10More tips for self-directed learning: deliberate practice 3 learning, tips
Feb 8Weekly review: Week ending February 7, 2014 weekly
Feb 7HHO008: The Art of Copywriting (for Google Helpouts) Helpers Help Out
Feb 7Reflecting on wild success 2 life, review
Feb 6Thinking about the systems I can put into place to scale up sharing delegation
Feb 5How to develop your ideas into blog posts 3 blogging, sharing, writing
Feb 4A no-excuses guide to blogging 4 blogging, sharing, writing
Feb 3Stepping up to publishing 5 sharing, writing
Feb 1Weekly review: Week ending January 31, 2014 weekly
Jan 31Learning from people 1 connecting, learning, mentoring
Jan 30Getting better at learning on my own 6 learning
Jan 29Ramping up delegation 2 delegation
Jan 28A conversation about writing, and reflections on taskmasters 2 experiment, writing
Jan 27Other-work and self-work experiment, sharing
Jan 26Weekly review: Week ending January 24, 2014 weekly
Jan 24HHO007: Setting up for success Helpers Help Out
Jan 24Simplifying with Stoicism: examining negative feelings 2 reflection
Jan 23Thinking about my reading 4 reading
Jan 22Improving and delegating more of my podcasting process 3 delegation, podcasting
Jan 21How to read blogs efficiently with a feed reader 6 learning, reading, tips
Jan 20Becoming my own client; also, delegation 2 delegation, experiment, plans, quantified
Jan 19Weekly review: Week ending January 17, 2014 weekly
Jan 17HHO006: Success Stories – Jeff Bond (and friends!) Helpers Help Out
Jan 17Canadian winter tips canada, clothing, life
Jan 16Drawing in action drawing
Jan 15Share while you learn 6 sharing
Jan 14Adapt to your learning style learning, tips
Jan 13Some tips for learning Org Mode for Emacs 21 org
Jan 11Weekly review: Week ending January 10, 2014 weekly
Jan 10HHO005: Make Your Listing Better Helpers Help Out
Jan 10Caring for things without caring about things 1 life
Jan 9Exploring colours drawing
Jan 8Dealing with feeling scattered as a writer 3 writing
Jan 7Planning my learning; It’s okay to learn in a spiral 2 learning, plans
Jan 6Planning a time-tracking workshop for Quantified Self Toronto 4 quantified
Jan 5Monthly review: December 2013 monthly, review
Jan 4Weekly review: Week ending January 3, 2014 weekly
Jan 3Thinking about routines after an extended trip life
Jan 2Building a habit of drawing with colours drawing
Jan 1Year in review: 2013 4 yearly