September 17, 2002

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(Tue Sep 17:03 2002, *mail*)

I feel so stressed out. Traffic will do that to a person – traffic and the thought of being late. But it’s no one’s fault but my own – as my mom pointed out, I could just have started commuting at 4:30, and maybe I’d even be there by now. still, there is nothing I can do about that.

maybe I should eat first.

(Tue Sep 17:47 2002, 2002.09.17)

Always keep your users in mind. Always remember why you’re doing a system – to make hard things easy and impossibly things possible.

Designing a Web Application

One of the fundamental differences between web programming and

Yet why do web programming?

The browser

Limited input and output

Web team
– database developer
– web developer
– web designer
– tester

(Tue Sep 17:55 2002, 2002.09.17)

Assumptions: Social Analysis in the context of the pastoral cycle
1. Before you can make a meaningful relevant social analysis, there must be that personal connectedness. There must be that link between you and that social reality, between you and the poor. Solidarity. Without the connectedness, what happens? You cannot analyze what you do not know and what you are not familiar with. The call to find God in the ordinary. In all things. To encounter the face of God in the least.
visavis indifference and apathy.