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Research and Development - CompSAT Paolo Venegas

We learn so that we may learn more in this committee. I believe that we should develop a society in ourselves such that stealing should no longer be necessary. We should be a group with everyone equal, with everyone sharing common knowledge. It's not a competition thing. That's what I want for this committee. We are going to have activities later based on that. We are all learning here. It is not for any specific... it's not about being able to separate yourself from the group and being able to say that you're superior or elite. CompSAT as a helper in this community and that's what this organization is about. We need to know the people we work with. Sometimes people are harder to work with than computers. People are different. Let's introduce ourselves and tell each other something about ourselves.

Paolo Venegas, 2 BS CS Started by learning Pascal and Assembly (a little) and he started in high school, and it really satisfying because we only had DOS and 486s, but it was a very good environment for starting out.
Teresa Marie Lacson, junior NagCS ako kasi when I was in high school we took up visual basic and I thought CS would be easy because VB was easy. Apparently not.
Maria something, junior Family background in IT?
Paolo, Third year Experience in high school, qbasic. QBasic was easy, so college should have been easy, but I had a hard time with first and second year, but VB helped me learn Java. I'm starting to learn C.
Carol, Third year. High school, VB. Relatively easy. Didn't have background in Pascal.. Java is okay. It was a new learning experience.
Jerome. I suck at programming. Star using asterisks. Now I'm learning something. I can program. I can program code. That's all
Cha. Sophomore. I'm an extra at this meeting. My dad bought this computer. She was a freshman at a compsat ga and answered that she was
Aileen hanggang HTML, pero naaaliw ako
Matthew, third year Started with QBasic ?
Mikael Natuwa kasi ako noong first year sa library. Book on GWBASIC. Medyo(require 'revive) (require 'windows)

masayang mag-program. Natutuwa pa rin ako. Adikt sa computer games

Jeremiah Chua, junior VB and Macromedia Director 6 in HS. Yung iba, nahihirapan sa form.. ang galing mo. Mahilig sa computer games. bitmap editors.
Michael Cua, Junior High school, QBASIC, batch files. Computer games.
Paul Rivera, sophomore, shiftee from development studies
Peppy Salita, Junior Started out with computers because of games. Dig Dug, Alley Cat, Loderunner. Grade 5 - DOS prompt. Didn't learn prog until third year high school, QBASIC. Learning C++.
TJ Raymudo. Third year. Aside from I love computers, one of my classmates told me (when I was asking what course he'd take) not business related. valedictorian.
Christopher Cheng, junior, CS like fiddling with computers a lot. Dune II. Couldn't beat the game. Fiddled around with a hex editor. I eventually figured out...
? Phoebe Demistify the computer. Always been afraid of it. Now I want to learn everything about it so that I can master it. If you're afraid of something that you don't know. When you finally learn something and you finally understand it, you have more respect for it. Programming is understanding what the computer ...
Jal ?, junior web dev. One of his largest considerations web design.
Russell Santos R&D working started programming third year HS, we started on QBASIC. Fourth year, we learned Word and Excel, so I got very disappointed. Around that time nagkaroon ako sa Starcraft. I wanted to learn how to make those games.
Rafferty Friend from high school, game before. Quake II and Quake III. 3d graphics modelling! 3D MAX. Games.
Miguel Arguelles, sophomore QBASIC in HS
Jino Noel, sophomore First Mac in grade school, been in love with computers ever since.
Bit Santos, second year medyo mabagal yung HS CS, 4th year VB. Stuck with office and all that crap. 4th year discovered joys of programming. mental challenges. stimulation. Potential of computing in multimedia.
Plans for research I don't want to think of it as teaching. It's learning with people.
Java study group
Web development TJ, person beside him. Some people have taken electives, most people have been taking 122. PHP, Perl, Apache, PSQL, Oracle
C, C++
Unix, Linux
Development I know that everyone's busy. There are 57 members and I'm sure that not everyone's going to be able to give 100% of what they can give to this committee. We need to do stuff.

Main concentration: web dev.

ACP c/o Paolo Venegas

Ateneo Debate Society This is similar They want us to make a website for the registration of the Philippine Schools Debate Competition. Going to be presented to a much larger audience. The PSDC is the Philippine counterpart of the Asian contest, so it will be used as the model of the website for the internatonal debate competition. We are going to make a website that will be viewed by people all over the Philippines, and we'll also coordinate with people outside the country. So this is a big project.
Online registration thing? Being done by MIS faculty. If we can get a better thing...
Groups We're going to have to group now. Not about how many per group.. Not a required thing. If you help, please make it good. After all, this is CompSAT's name.

They want it on the 16th of September. We are under pressure. Moved.

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