February 22, 2003

Bulk view

Finished “The Human Condition” — school

Only one ream of paper to go. My highlighter looks like it’s running a
bit low on ink. I want to stock up on these. These and
foldback clips. More of the foldback clips. The smallest kind – those
are a bit more useful. What am I doing? I’m dreaming about
organizational tools.

sugar-coated strawberries — personal

The strawberries are nothing spectacular – a bit on the old side, with
strange dark spots – but hey, they’re strawberries. =) Having relieved
them of their leafs and assorted mushy parts, I proceeded to fashion a
shaker out of an old egg cup. Looks like it works – I get nice, evenly
coated sugared strawberries. Still, to be in a country where
strawberries are fresh and firm and sweet…

not going to party — personal

My mother strongly feels that I shouldn’t go to the party later, since
my finals are next week after all. I thought about it carefully and
while I think I _will_ be able to manage the workload, it’s wise to have
some breathing room, and it’s unwise to tick parents off. I feel bad
about not being able to keep my promise to go, and I realize I erred
in committing in the first place. I was looking forward to dressing
up, although I must admit that I felt uneasy about dedicating a whole
night to, well, Japanese pop music and anime – things I’m not really
into. A quiet dinner at home would have been more effective for
objective #2, which was meeting Jerome, but then again work should
come first – and I’d have felt guilty about not working, too…