cs161f exemptions

The following students can choose not to take the CS161 final exam:
– 1. Francisco, Mike – 95.4 (A)
– 2. Sy, Zach – 92.9 (B+)
– 3. Bulanon, Geebee – 92.6 (B+)
– 4. Tan, Abi – 92.4 (B+)
– 5. Garcia, Toto – 91.9 (B+)
– 6. Clarito, Ian – 91.8 (B+)
– 7. Tipoe, Aldy – 91.4 (B+)

– 1. Those who are not candidates for graduation must attend the plenary sessions (Please inquire about the schedule from the CS department). The grades of these students can still be significantly changed by the requirements given during these sessions.
– 2. Those whose names are not in the list of exempted students can request their current standing via e-mail: [email protected]

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