March 10, 2003

Bulk view

got most of the images out

Darn Photoshop file confuses the heck out of GIMP, so I had to work on
the Mac downstairs. Still, I discovered to my great joy that the Zip
USB 250 drive works flawlessly on Linux. The last time I read the ZIP
mini-HOWTO, it said that the 250 MB Zip drive was not supported. Now
it is! I love Linux. I’ve been using the Zip drive to transfer files
between the Mac (photo editing in Photoshop) and my Linux laptop (HTML
editing in Emacs). Whee!

adphoto website

First, that splash page has got to go.

testing my resolve

We are testing my resolve to provide neat time-stamped and summarized
journal entries. It’s hard to do so – I feel the temptation to go on
the wildest of tangents, like those Doc Mana is so fond of