March 13, 2003

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emacs-wiki fudging

Maybe I can "publish" to an intermediate file format (replace BBDB and Gnus links, for example), and then use PHP's file-reading to handle it. What do I want? I want to be able to have a table of contents floating on the right, to give people an overview. I want to be able to offer easy Previous Day / Next Day navigation.

crossroads instructions

HTML Between 1500 to 6000 words for a feature article, and

800 to 3000 words for an opinion column.

In the beginning of your article, tell the reader—in a captivating way—what your article is all about. Be sure to place your article into a broader context. Remember, our audience is composed of informed, multidisciplinary students. Readers must first learn the context of your subject before they can understand how your work changes the field or affects their decision making process. Anecdotes are entirely appropriate.

Acronyms do not take articles. Active voice replaces passive voice whenever possible. Systems, programs, commands, routines, and so on, however, appear in small capital letters. Use he/she, not he or she alone. If possible, rewrite sentence to use 'they'. Use the singular pronoun I (not we) for a singular author. Use that in restrictive clauses (those without a comma) and which in nonrestrictive clauses (those with a comma). Use while to mean "at the same time" and although to mean "in spite of the fact."

ACM Writing Guide

subdimension went down

Another free service bites the dust. I will no longer be reachable via [email protected], and I hope whoever sends me stuff there will think of Googling to find out my current address - [email protected], as of 2003.03.13. Here's the text from their website at : falling apart????

You got that straight . . .

Our ISP ( cut our line on 3/3/03 due to a "violation of contract" or more to the point a violation of their "acceptable use policy". There were too many spam complaints about the domain for them to handle. We were not the originating party in any of the spam complaints (aside from a brief open relay problem), but I gather we are still ultimately responsible for your behavior with the email accounts that you obtain from us. How the hell do people like YAHOO, HOTMAIL, and any other free email provider deal with spammer complaints from their ISP's? Do they own their own ISP? How do they govern their user community? How deep do your pockets have to be to offer a free-email service?

subDIMENSION will be reborn somewhere else in the near future . . . as soon as we can find a place to put it . . . please stay tuned . . . and check back often . . . we hope to have something available shortly.

subDIMENSION will NOT be offering FREE or PAY email accounts anymore . . . thanks to the spammers who brought us to this point . . . and our apologies to anyone that has mail still residing on our servers . . . BUT . . . the mail servers have been TURNED OFF as an attempt to be in compliance with the "acceptable use policy".

subDIMENSION will be offering a prorated refund to our premium pay and pro-hosting users.

Make sure you read your contracts . . . and then read them sideways.

JX -out