March 25, 2003

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Computer Braille Code Reference Card

n[email protected], Wade Hemmelrick:

This is a free listing of all the computer braille code symbols.
Computer Braille Code Card in Grade 2 braille

python web solutions

p[email protected], Andy Sy:

Chinese Python?

Miguel Paraz, [email protected]:

The author claims that Python is easy to translate to Chinese.
This could be useful to the Chinese-literate people here. :)

Nemeth mathematics

On the [email protected] mailing list, Yvon Provencher mentions the useful tutorial at .


Chris Beggy writes in with another tip
(thanks!). Chris thinks that Magicpoint is an
excellent PowerPoint replacement. I like Magicpoint’s text-based
presentation files and its nice gallery of styles I can choose, but
I’m thinking of going for prosper+latex instead. I hear that prosper
has pretty nice output.

pdf presentations

On [email protected], David Z Maze thinks Prosper is great
for making PDF presentations from LaTeX. xpdf -fullscreen
-papercolor black
to actually run the slides.