April 7, 2003

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Freaky Keyboards

On the wear-hard mailing list, Doug Sutherland tells us about some interesting keyboards:

Maltron 3D One Handed Keyboard

Maltron 3D One Finger Keyboard

CyKey Chording Keyboard

LUCY Hands Free

IntranetServer progress

Mail works without a hitch now that I’ve set up a totally small-time
domain name server, but apparently, Microsoft Outlook 2000’s shared
calendaring does not work as advertised. Argh. Must find another way
to do shared calendars. I’m already fine with using categories to keep
track of what resources are needed when, but I would really prefer a
native (not web-based) calendar application because of user interface
limitations for web-based apps.

Orphan Kitten FAQ

Cyclops writes in with this nice link about adopting orphan kittens.

By the way, my kitten (we’re thinking of naming her Catastrophix;
looks like the parents are letting me keep her!) now eats solid food,
although she hasn’t figured out how to drink water yet.