May 22, 2003

Talked to a random stranger today

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On the shuttle home from Libis, I chatted with Robert Rabago, an IBM
communications intern who had recognized me from the Computer Eyes
workshop. He’s from Asia-Pacific College, seems to be an easy-going
sort of person. Interested in conservation, so I should probably Cc

(Why was I in Libis? I’ve been helping out with the Computer Eyes
workshop – IBM’s two-week computer training for blind people. I’m
learning a lot of shortcuts, and it’s just like helping newbies who
still haven’t gotten the hang of Windows – great practice!)

Took some PersonalityQuizzes

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Hmmm. Picked them up from cyberlizard.

Dumb IT hiring practices

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Andy Sy posted this to the [email protected] mailing list:

‘Dumb IT hiring practices’

I’ve seen the situation described in this article oh-so-often
in real life.

‘The Reality/Salary Scale’

This situation described is surreal but I believe is what
really happens in the real world. Seems like the tradeoff of
having a high salary is you don’t get to do anything of real

Angrycoder is an MS-technology oriented site (barely any
mention of Open Source stuff) but visitors and writers
do not pull any punches when criticizing the technologies
they use. I knew there had to be people out there who depend
on M$ technologies but who know how to bitch about its
flaws (with velvet gloves off). The cartoons will make you
laugh and cry at the same time. :-D