May 30, 2003

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Learning Gnus

A good Gnus tutorial can be found at .

Using 802.11b to find out where you are

Light readings on the relational model

‘Dumb IT hiring practices’

“From PlayStation to Supercomputer for $50,000″

A supercomputer that may be able to perform a half-trillion
operations per second has been built out of 70 Sony PlayStation 2
consoles for around $50,000 by researchers at the University of
Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s National Center for Supercomputing …

This is probably why Dr. Rodrigo wants to look into that… =)

“Wear Down Opposition”

Some academics subscribe to the theory that the move toward
wearable technology is part of an evolutionary trend stretching
back more than seven centuries. In the past few months, Motorola
and other companies have unveiled a plethora of wearable …

“Business Is Toying With a Web Tool”

Wiki, Web collaboration software used by informal online groups,
is taking hold in the business realm. More useful for
collaboration than email or face-to-face communication, wiki
pages are also a cheap and easy alternative to full-blown …

I love wikis.