May 31, 2003

Bulk view

Message to planner

(defun message-to-planner ()
  "Logs this message to the News and Mail section of today's planner file."
    (let ((string (concat
             (format-time-string "%R")
             " | " (if (message-fetch-field "newsgroups")
                       (concat " News " (message-fetch-field "newsgroups"))
                     (concat " Mail " (message-fetch-field "to")))
             " | Subject: \"" (message-fetch-field "subject") "\""
             " | Message-ID: " (message-fetch-field "message-id")
      (planner-seek-to-first "News and Mail")
      (insert string))))

(add-hook 'message-sent-hook 'message-to-planner)

Logging gnus messages

(defun message-to-diary ()
  (make-diary-entry (concat
		     (calendar-date-string (calendar-current-date) t)
		     (if (message-fetch-field "newsgroups")
			 (concat " Sent news To: " (message-fetch-field "newsgroups"))
		       (concat " Sent mail To: " (message-fetch-field "to")))
		     " Subject: \"" (message-fetch-field "subject") "\""
		     " Message-ID: " (message-fetch-field "message-id"))))
(add-hook 'message-sent-hook 'message-to-diary)

CS161 William

CS161 CS becomes 162, which is a combination of CS161 and systems
programming. Change of textbook back to Tanenbaum. Lab class.
CS162a&b. We’re going to merge the two classes into a 6-unit lecture
and lab course.

Still going to require the two major projects in OS. The survey will
stay, and the benchmarking will also stay, just to give them an idea
of what the market holds for you guys. The systems programming class
will still cover the same topics, but more emphasis on security and
network programming. The OS installation part has been moved to the
main class. More tools – lex and yacc.