June 3, 2003

yatm hmms

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Hmm, I will need to store the menu somewhere, as it changes when I’m in the yatm buffer.


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If REAL-BINDING is a symbol and has a non-`nil’ `menu-enable’
property, that property is an expression that controls whether the menu
item is enabled. Every time the keymap is used to display a menu,
Emacs evaluates the expression, and it enables the menu item only if
the expression’s value is non-`nil’. When a menu item is disabled, it
is displayed in a “fuzzy” fashion, and cannot be selected.

How do I get the property of a symbol?
(symbol-plist symbol)

Menu caching

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The menu bar does not recalculate which items are enabled every
time you look at a menu. This is because the X toolkit requires the
whole tree of menus in advance. To force recalculation of the menu
bar, call `force-mode-line-update’ (see *note Mode Line Format::).

I should probably also do the same.

sample popping up

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(x-popup-menu `((0 0) ,(get-window-with-predicate (lambda (win) t))) (tmm-get-keybind [menu-bar]))

keymap prompt
(keymap-prompt (cadr (tmm-get-keybind [menu-bar])))

Direct credit payroll account

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– at least ten months contract with the University

Ooooh! =)

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  First of all, I want to congratulate you for being
19 and successful in your career. I wish that I can be
enthusiastic as you are in the Internet field. I want
you to know that we did try to understand as much as
we can, the importance of web technology. It’s just
that we are all freshmen, and haven’t fully
appreciated yet the relevance of what you explained,
well not yet. But I know that sooner or later, we will
come to appreciate the wisdom behind the seminar
Honestly, you rock! If you only knew how our class was
talking about you after the seminar. It seems like
you’ve made a believer out of all of us(well, mostly
all of the boys!) Well as you’ve said, I think now
would be a good start to be interested in Web
Technology. So I hope that you could forward me the
necessary web links and THANK YOU very much for the
time. What you’re doing is cool, do you know that?

Teaching journal

June 3, 2003 - Categories: emacs

I promise to keep a teaching journal on this site. At the very least,
it will make me reflect, yes? You can look for it as sections in my
daily planner files.