June 9, 2003

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Richard Klinda’s w3m customizations

(setq ign-rus-format
      '(case source-type
        ('article (cond ((string-match "newsletters" newsgroup)
                         (cond ((string-match "CNN" from)
                                (concat (match-string 0 from)
                                        " nl"))
                               ((string-match "slashdot" from)
                                "/. nl")
                               ((string-match "Bruce Schneier" from)
                        ((string-match "mbox" newsgroup)
                         (gnus-short-group-name newsgroup))))
        ('web-page (ign-url-domain url))
        ('wiki-file file-name)))

pinoyjug pfft

I post a long, well-thought-out message on pinoyjug about helping people and why I prefer guiding students over answering their questions directly, and what do I get?

Oh gosh, I wish my name is "Helping Students Who Need
Guidance..." ;)

--- Sacha Chua  wrote:

> Indeed!  I hadn't expected my question to
> stir up such a
> discussion. Here's where I'm coming from. =)
> I love helping students who need guidance. I feel
> that it is important
> that they come away from the problem with the
> feeling that they
> understand how to solve it and why they did what
> they did. That's why
> I teach, after all - to help people learn! 

and another message:

Very enlightening.

<mock grumble> All very nice and good, but I want thoughtful, well-considered responses… ;)