June 10, 2003

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Cat stories

Awwww, my cat has a little bump on top of her head. Must be from all
those times she hit the table. (It’s a bit low.)

Neko (new official name) now has greenish eyes. She eats kitten chow
now – dried Whiskas moistened with water and scooped into a little
pink food/water bowl. Saves me a lot of trouble.

She had a lot of fun chasing a cockroach earlier this evening. She’d
stalk it, pounce, bat it around, release it and repeat the process.
She’d even squeeze into the space under the sofa to pursue the hapless
insect. Cockroaches beware! Cat in the house.

We have problems with her ability to climb and her affinity for laps.
I took to placing a long, thick towel on my lap after she inflicted
several light gashes on her way up.


Richard A. Detweiler, Information Week, June 6, 1994

1. Think both short-term and long-term at the same time, like a CEO and not like a techie.

2. Don’t sell what you can’t deliver. Don’t sell the system’s glory; sell the product that will solve the problem.

3. Think of technology as a people business.

4. Learn to speak without acronyms and technical terms.

5. Sell the philosophy of technology, not a technology philosophy.

6. Separate information and processing. Each is a separate thing.

7. Promote the company’s values and mission, not technology.

8. Focus on how technology can serve people’s needs.

9. Show individuals how things work. Keep it simple.

10. Don’t think “IT”; think knowledge systems.