June 20, 2003

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High wooden walls are good. As long as I breathe normally and I keep
quiet, no one notices. Work, yes. Work will distract me from this.
After all, I shouldn’t let my personal life interfere with what I am
here to do. Sometimes it’s hard being a person among other people.

(p.s.: Everything is all right now.)


Interactive programming portfolio?

Personal software process? http://interactive.sei.cmu.edu/Features/1999/June/Background/Background.jun99.htm


What do I want to do? What kind of papers do I want to write? Maybe I
can look for computer science education papers and check the
background of the authors.

Dr. Dayrit SOSE planning session

Look up ISI

Off-shore degree programs?

I want to focus on computer science education.
My objectives are:

- Develop interactive, up-to-date learning materials for

student-centered learning

- Monitor, experiment with and disseminate pedagogical advances in

computer science and education

- Contribute to the body of knowledge of computer science education

I need to learn

- more effective communication skills, preferably with a mentor or

by videotaping my sessions

- technical writing

- presentation skills

I want to work on compiling learning materials and teaching notes for
teachers of introductory computer science from different schools
around the Philippines. I want to meet and work with intro teachers
from other schools.

Ask Dr. Cuyegkeng about SMIT-Ed!

Dr. Dayrit

SMIT-Ed? Science, Mathematics and Information Technology Education

DISCS enrollment: 730 768 816 770

Dr. Intal’s talk

4:30 – 6:00 on Mondays – class-free common time for intellectual
exchanges, which means I get to hang out with people of other
departments! =)

Ground floor cafeteria, faculty lounge.

Off-shore degree programs?


You know, I’m more passionate about computer science education than I
am about wearable computing. Not that I don’t think wearable computing
is fun and interesting, but people are doing that.

I think my hedgehog concept is computer science education.

I can drop wearable computing for the moment. If it’s really important,
I can go into it later.

Part of being a great computer science teacher is doing research. I
can start doing research on computer science education first.

IT integration into education, yes, that makes sense too.

I want to get in touch with introductory computer science teachers in
other schools, find out what they have problems with, and develop
tools to help them.

Have a stop-doing list

Very important!