June 27, 2003


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Gerald R. Generoso forwarded a link to http://www.azillionmonkeys.com,
which should elicit a chuckle from most computer geeks. Not
sure how useful this is, though, as my name isn’t in there. (I guess I’ve eluded the monkeys for now…)

Game Engine Anatomy 101

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Performance tuning in Java

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Some readings

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Posted on the compsci@lists.free.net.ph list:

- http://www.cse.ogi.edu/~dylan/efficientReading.html or http://www.cse.ogi.edu/~dylan/efficientReading.pdf

Horde for Cyrus

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Mail taming

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I have once again tweaked my Gnus settings to make handling my mail
easier. =) Summary line format change – added one-space indentation
per thread leves. Keyword scoring in selected groups.


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Talked to some of the CompSAt people regarding an upcoming computer
camp. Their initial plan was a pretty straightforward Java cram
session. Suggested more fun and exciting things. Also, got to talk a
fair bit about computer science and real life, including searching and
sorting algorithms. (Aha! moment for other people). Talked a bit about
issues like piracy and open source.

Note about solar simulation and double buffering in class a long long
time ago. Fanny knows the story. =)