June 29, 2003

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Girls’ night

Watched “Casablanca” and “Sabrina” (the old version) last night – had
a girls’ night in with Diane and Elaigh. Much much fun.

Hmm. Should I use codenames for people who might find mention here
rather incriminating? ;) Doc Mana would have a fit if he knew who
gained a bit of extra karma last night for being quite

New wishlist

- Programming Challenges (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0387001638/ref=nosim/thealgorithmrepo/)


Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education


Top Ten Tomcat Configuration Tips


“Uncrossed Wires”

The inability to determine what an individual is saying when
other chatter is taking place, as well as having discussions
become a series of long and drawn-out formal dialogues, are
weaknesses of teleconferencing. However, a solution based on …

“New Finding Has Implications For Scientists Designing New Mobile Audio Interfaces”

People who carry on conversations with text-to-speech (TTS)
computer systems modify their speech patterns so they are more in
keeping with the computer’s mode of discourse, a technique known
as speech convergence, concludes a new study led by Sharon Oviatt …