roland, math
jenny, math
andre, DISCS
stan, DISCS
rico, college 85, pulseasia, strategy and marketing
crista, german
malou, ecce
rex briones, math
ramir, math
jun, history, institute of philippine culture (from management engineering!). new director of IPC
april, philosophy
ice, philo
andrew so, philo
lorena, biology
jeff, biology
… biology
mark, biology
johanna, biology
jero, filipino
wil, filipino
reese, physics
adrian, physics
pinky, marketing
cynthia, marketing

victor, qmit
sonia, organizational behavior, som, globe telecom
katrina borja, polsci
joy, psych, coord training director
babit, history
lisa, sociology
anne, ecce
rene, es
rene, chemistry
bernadette, chem
mabel, chem
kathleen, chem
dom, chem
florian, english
charlie, englsh
emely, english
daisy, chinese studies
christian, theology
christine, cs
stephanie, cs
pat, history
…., history
mike, history

71M = 14% x
(/ 71000000 0.14)

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