August 31, 2003

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Twiddler problems: My twiddler’s a little unreliable. I don’t know
whether it’s because I’ve got a loose connection – the two middle
leads on the USB part of the twiddler look a little shorter than they
should be – or because the connection’s dirty, or my settings are
off… Whatever it is, it is Not Good. <sigh> Should look into what

Aug 31 17:56:31 harvey usb.agent9975: missing kernel or user mode driver hid
Aug 31 17:56:31 harvey usb.agent9996: missing kernel or user mode driver hid


Emacspeak: Emacspeak still works, which is a Very Good Thing.


“Fle3 is a web-based learning environment. To be more specific Fle3 is server software for computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL). Fle3 is Open Source and Free Software released under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL). The licence is protecting your freedom to use, modify and distribute Fle3.”

(ARGH! Free software just keeps doing this to me! ;) )