September 25, 2003

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Computer Science Unplugged — education

Originally blogged on 2003.04.01

In the thread “CS for 5th graders” on the ACM SIGCSE members mailing list, Beth Simon writes:

The unequivocal winner is “Computer Science Unplugged”
A book available in print or electronically at:

The summary also points to math games and puzzles.

I should look that link up again in preparation for SMIT-Ed. I find
that I may actually be helpful…

khaire magsaya! — music, lit

Can’t help but blog this – it’s just so cool.

A pair of people – one singing a jazzy version of “Can’t Take My Eyes
Off You” accompanied by another who did the drums with his voice.
Another – a larger group – this time, including cymbals and disc
scratching. Way fun. Apparently, this is called beat boxing. They can
carry the beat while humming the rest of the tune and sneaking a lot
of the words in too. Wow. No more drum sets. They even did fast
forward, play and reverse. Hmm. Element No. 5. And one of them did a
one man band too!

Also, nice poetry. I like the way they play with sounds.

Radical simplification of design

I just realized that the whole point of the system I’m making is peer
review. Not another submission system, but peer review and how I’m
going to use it in class. I am somewhat peeved with myself.

So, the components I need to focus on are:

– defining the review graph
– requiring everyone to post a URL to their work
– requiring everyone to submit a review of their buddies

“Britain’s “Cyborg Scientist” Spreads Cyber-gospel”

British cyber-evangelist Kevin Warwick is on a government-funded
tour around Asia to promote robotics education at all grade
levels. Warwick recently enthralled a gathering of 300 students
in Singapore with his collection of robots and video clips of his …

Article at

Asia! ARGH! Argh argh argh argh argh argh…