September 27, 2003

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ff and C/C++ programming — Emacs

These functions look interesting for C and C++ programming:
– ff-find-the-other-file
– ff-find-related-file

Okay, I think it’s time for me to rest.

I’m typing slowly _and_ I’m thinking slowly, which is never a good combination. =)
I do _not_ want to add bugs while polishing up.

“Revenge of the Coders”

There is a movement among programmers away from sluggish,
feature-heavy IDEs and toward flexible code editors as
enterprises focus intensely on productivity. The rationale
behind this transition is developers’ desire to not be locked …


There are few things quite as annoying as realizing that you are
reinventing the wheel halfway through the process.

Argh argh argh argh argh… 私は下手ですよ。


Nov 5, 6, 7

Class day yesterday

Incidentally, I had an excellent class day yesterday – group work.
CS21AFirst03#Exercises.TwistedText for more details.