Communication problems

I talked to 1 today because he and 2 aren't getting along very well and I feel that something must be done.

He said that he had taken a part-time job. He also said that 3 pressed 1 for details, but he didn't want to say where he worked. (This may have been a good move, as after all, 2 seem to be under the impression that 1 name-drops a little too much.)

The reason 1 gave for not wanting to say where 1 worked, however, was the "crab mentality" of other people, and that he didn't want to say until "the air was clear" (memory fuzzy). I noted that that statement could be taken to imply that 3 had "crab mentality", and

1. confirmed that that was what he meant.

I was concerned about that. I did not agree that these miscommunications are the product of "crab mentality". I said that the way we act toward others shapes the way they act toward us, and personally, I find the department very supportive. I find it hard to believe that 3 has crab mentality, as 3 has accomplished much on his own, actively helps other people learn, and has no need to put other people down in order to raise himself.

(Note to self: must ask 4 for the transcript)

I suspect that he1 needs to think about what he implies.

More thoughts about it sometime. I should probably send him a summary of points to confirm/deny/elaborate.