Ethics talk with the philosophy department

- Sandra Lovenia, introduction to IT for comtech, introduction to MIS.
- Ariel Maguyon, seniors and juniors, computer architecture, MIS administration
- Em-em, part-time, MIS office. Teaches MIS101.
- Andrei, currently teaching computer architecture and will teach operating system
- Manny Dy, foundations of moral value, chinese philosophy, ph of the human person, business ethics
- … Valdez, philo of religion
- John Bulaong, ph101. next sem, teaching logic. 6th year of teaching
- Roy Tolentino, philo of the human person
- Roie Lozada, philo of the human person, technology’s a personal interest
- Rainier Ibana, interested in communications
- Stephanie Sy, intro course
- Albert Medalla, web page design
- Christine Amarra, intro course and computer organization for CS juniors

- Description of handouts prepared by Bong Olpoc

We want to help students develop ethics.
Present the way we currently teach it
and then get insights

- intellectual property
- software reliability
- privacy
- piracy
- relationships, posing as someone else, questions of identity and truth

Short-term: talks

Long term: elective, maybe core?

first topic: IPR

Dr. Dy – excerpt from business ethics book