October 26, 2003

More questions for my questions

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Cross-reference: TheologicalQuestions#1

Contemplate thread scoring

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I’m somewhat interested in long threads on some mailing lists, as
chances are those are the ones with cool insights. I can set my
threshold to 500, add one to every thread with replies, and sort by

Another CS class using eclipse — education

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Debian Bug Squashing Party

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Debian bug-squashing party, Sunday November 9th 2003, Ecublens, Switzerland

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution, the
GULL (Groupe romand des Utilisateurs de Linux et de Logiciels Libres)
will be organising a bug-squashing party that will be open to members
and non-members.

Here is the plan:

1. We lock 10 to 40 volunteers in a large room in the building of Nimag SA.

2. The volunteers are provided with all of the computers, bandwidth,
electricity, pizza, and beer that they need to work well.

3. The volunteers fix bugs listed in Debian Bug-Tracking System (BTS)
http://bugs.debian.org from 12h00 to 20h00.

4. A bug is considered fixed when a solution has been found, verified by
another volunteer, and an email sent to the package maintainer.

The GULL will pay for the food and drink of all volunteers who fix at least one
bug (even a tiny one). The others will be expected to pay their way or clean
up the mess. Or have a rock tied to their feet and be thrown into the lake.

There will be a number of demonstrations of various techniques used in the
eradication of bugs:

– how to use the BTS and the reportbug program

– building a test system (stable, testing, or unstable) in a subdirectory using

debootstrap and running programs from it

– using diff, patch, strace and gdb

– anything else that comes up

PLEASE: If you want to come to the party, please send a note to
[email protected] stating:

– who you are and that you want to come to the party

– whether you will or will not be bringing a portable computer with a network


– what bugs you want to fix or what packages you wish to work on (if you

already have an idea)

– whether you want to give a demonstration or participate in the organisation

of the party

– any ideas that you have to make the party more fun or productive

The planning page (mostly in French) can be found at

I’d like to have something like that here one day – maybe not a Debian
bug-squashing party, but maybe we can help out the Bayanihan people…

GCBirzan’s cool SQL contest — education

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*GCBirzan* I didn't really like the fact that the teacher used a lot of
           examples, but again, that's just me... (and I knew what he was
           talking about :P)
*GCBirzan* but in the end, he had a contest, who'd write $query faster :P
*GCBirzan* since all our CS teachers suck (no exageration), I've never had a
           competitive environment to learn in
*GCBirzan* really liked that

More GCBirzan stories — education

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*GCBirzan* I teach CCNA courses for a local Cisco Academy
 Mmm. In our database class, we're allowed to use any database
         management system we want as long as it groks SQL.
 So you also have your teaching stories. =)
*GCBirzan* you'd assume people that come there are a) generally clued or b)
*GCBirzan* well, no, I don't :P
*GCBirzan* since you can't really have much of a class about how, say, a
           router transmits a packet over to its next hop, if you they don't
           know how ARP works
 Do they?
*GCBirzan* and then I go back to explaining ARP, and then I find out they
           can't grope the concept of ethernet segments and so forth
*GCBirzan* and when I think I'm all done, and I go back to the original issue,
           I find out they've forgotten everything :P
  So your problem is that they lack the essentials. When were
         they supposed to have learned those?
 Err, lack the prerequisites.
*GCBirzan* no, I'm saying they're having the mentality of the Romanian student

Rough notes on education

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reach the interested people first (at least for _this_ talk.)

subexercise – evolving code

lots of students problems because of few resources frustrating to be a teacher and not be able to teach properly what's holding them back? you want to be able to teach better you want to be able to get the message across because the worst thing you can face each day is a classroom of bored, unmotivated, uninterested students who aren't learning and it's painful to check exams and see a lot of failing marks it hurts because you feel inadequate. you're not getting the job done.

if it's just a living if the results of their teaching are good other people will notice there is a direct benefit if they perform better in future classes

if we teach well the first time around, less need for reteaching good recommendation letters develop creativity and problem-solving (for teachers)