October 29, 2003

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Try Science! — education


Dominique Cimafranca brought this
excellent site to my attention. It’s geared more toward K-12, but it
has lots of interesting experiments.

I wonder if we can make a college CS version…

Not much happened today

Filed for a change of grade because I should have graded someone on
the undergraduate scale instead of the graduate scale.

Having problems launching OO.o after recent upgrade.

Settled credit-card bill.

Whoa, I got newslogged in Dutch


Elisp snippet for sucking data into BBDB

(defun sacha/suck-data-into-bbdb (notes)
  "Create BBDB data given NOTES.
The region should contain data of the form:
name | company | e-mail"
  (interactive "MEnter notes string: ")
  (while (re-search-forward "^\\(.*?\\)\s*|\s*\\(.*?\\)\s*|\s*\\(.*?\\)\s*$" nil t)
    (let* ((name (match-string 1))
           (company (match-string 2))
           (net (match-string 3))
           (record (bbdb-search-simple nil net)))
      (if record
          (bbdb-record-set-notes record (concat (bbdb-record-notes record) "\n" notes))
        (bbdb-create-internal name company net nil nil notes)))))

Migration document from Windows to Linux


Wearable gadgets


Controlled dual-booting — linux

From Slashdot:

Set up Lilo with two targets: Linux and Winders.

Make Linux the default target to boot to.

When you’re inside of Linux, and you want to set it so it boots Windows for the next boot, and only the next boot, then you do a

lilo -R windows ; shutdown -r now

The next boot will be into Windows. The boot after that will be back into Linux.

Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX with CrossOver Office


So apparently it works now, but CrossOver Office is still a bit
expensive… I hope the straight WINE people get it working soon. =)