Happy birthday, Richi!

Your birthday is just like any other day, except that
so and so many years ago, you were born.
It’s a pretty ordinary day.
The sun goes up,
the sun goes down,
the moon goes up,
the moon goes down,
and all around the world people laugh, cry, sleep, dream
without even knowing you exist.
But I do,
and this is a Good Thing,
because the universe is better for having you in it. =)
and congratulations to your parents, who did all the hard work anyway,
and oh, to your teachers,
and your colleagues,
and your friends,
and everyone you’ve ever met (or not met, even)
for the fine person they’ve helped you become – are helping you become,
because I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of you yet.


Your birthday is just like any other day, except that
it’s an excuse to gather together the people you love
and celebrate with them the triumphs and defeats
of so and so many years.
It’s also a good a time as any to plan the year ahead -
where you want to go and who you want to be.
So let this be a day of simple joy,
of conversation, of reflection,
of looking back and looking forward.


Happy birthday. =)

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