November 4, 2003

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On women computer scientists

Reader feedback:

This just interest me, sacha? is that a feminine name? if
thats so, wow, I hardly ever knew that there are Women Computer
Scientists. Well, its just coz, mostly male dominate the computer
science realm. Anyways, What made you interested in Computer Science?
What have been your obstacles during your student life as a computer
science student?


– Finished my ACM test cases (yay!) – I had to scale the bounds down a bit.
– Picked up a book on Flash MX and another book on Java by dissection.
– Explored concept mapping and downloaded a number of packages.

Concept maps

Quick links:

March 9, 2010 – Thanks to Courtney Barnett for the update!

ACM training

<grin> I am relatively certain that the current ACM contestants
way, way outclass me. Kudos to everyone for training very hard! I’m
going to have to read and catch up – _after_ the contest…

Maybe I should’ve just said no to Chipi. ;) That way, I could have
joined or trained. Ah, well, s’okay; looks like they’re having tons of