November 10, 2003

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Discovery Learning in Introductory Operating System Courses

Although we probably won’t have computers during class sessions – this
is, after all the IBM Room, and we’ll probably have a sucky projector
too – students might be able to do programming exercises in order to
understand operating systems concepts. Students will need Knoppix or
another Linux distribution; if I have them install it early, then they
can get a quick introduction to C and system calls.

Could this be a potential overlap with systems programming? OS is
supposed to prepare them for that anyway. Who knows, they might even
replace parts of the OS in their systems programming course. We
discussed pairing the operating systems course with the systems
programming course during the curriculum review, so it’s probably not
a bad idea.

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Puzzles and games: addressing different learning styles in teaching operating systems concepts

Lots of ideas for teaching operating systems. I remember the
crosswords from CS161 and I intend to have crossword and
find-and-match exercises. (Should go through the word puzzle book) The
paper described a process state transition game and a battlethreads
game. The Battlethreads game looks like a good way to emphasize the
difference between processes and threads. The process state transition
game looks a bit complex and the paper has some cautionary notes.

I’d like to learn under these teachers.

_Very_ interesting citations.

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