November 17, 2003

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CookOrDie Day 5: More sausages

Had to throw away remaining pitas as they had gotten moldy. Have discovered use of Ziploc sandwich bags – put pitas into separate ziplock bags and placed them in freezer. No longer need to worry about mold, but should still use the pitas soon.

Still living off Hungarian sausages and mushrooms. Must find ways to be more creative. Packed lunch in sandwich bags – sausages and mushrooms, as was too lazy to dice cheese. Pita was nice and crisp, though – removed pan from oven toaster and toasted the pita on the grill.

On teachers’ jobs

>>> learn C by him/herself, after all it is the student's responsibility.
>>> Implementing the solution is up to the student, which IMHO should be the
>> Yup, but IMHO, eventhough it's the student's responsibility, Professors
>> should always be there to _check_ if the student is doing the "Right
> Not always. They're there to teach, and nothing more. Well this is the
> attitude in UP, and it has worked well.

I am glad that my teachers had always gone the extra distance not only
to teach me but to help me learn.

E-Mail from Sandra Jean Chua

(Update: 2003.11.18. Rommel Feria says that this is not reflective of
the whole UP system and that it is quite different in UP Diliman.)

Nice quote — computer science education

Bong Munoz said:

Before I step off my soapbox I’m pretty confident that we’ll get
better results in the future. The new generation of teachers seem to
enjoy what they’re doing. As Alan Perlis said, “I think that it’s
extraordinarily important that we in computer science keep fun in

E-Mail from Bong Munoz