November 25, 2003

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emacs-wiki new versions

When Damien Elmes said he was working on a
backlog of emacs-wiki stuff, he wasn’t kidding! <laugh> Well,
this probably means I can trim some of my hacks… =)

CS21A yesterday (2003.11.24)

Did anonymous feedback. Again, I’m seeing roughly half the class
having no problems with it, and half intimidated by their classmates.
I really must find a way to address that.

The first two weeks gave us a brief overview of the different things
in Java. I think it’s time to move to straight Java. They can
experiment with BlueJ in order to better understand their work, but I
want to start getting them used to writing whole programs.

CS161 yesterday 2003.11.24

I told the history of UNIX starting with Space Travel on an obsolete
PC and ending with a description of UNIX’s influence on operating
systems today.

Added notes about my use for remember.el

Described what I used remember.el for, which may help newbies or people wondering what the heck this is anyway.