November 27, 2003

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New remember.el coolness: dwim

Xref: RememberEl#3

And of course this should let me check if I’m on the right page…

Hmmm. Am I?

DWIM does better thing

Now defaults to current daily page (in which case, does nothing) if
not on plan page. Xrefs to plan page if started from plan page. If
called with prefix, will prompt regardless. (I hope).


CS21B today

Frantic as had not thought of cool creative exercise before class.
Settled for introduction to Eclipse and individual implementation of
UML quiz shape system, which class had taken up for last two sessions.
Dismayed to find not everyone could code it quickly, but glad that now
have some justification for uneasy feeling about student

Assigned peer review over e-mail. Will glare (nicely) at students if
students still unable to complete and explain system by next week, as
expect them to review outside class if they feel they’re missing
Xref: 2003.11.27#6

2003.11.27: Day 9: Graduated to saucepan

Xref: CookOrDie#9

DWIM seems to work

Xref: RememberEl#2


Xref: LabSetup#3

Finding out which files are shadowing Debian emacs packages

ls *.el*|sed 's@^@/@;s/\.elc$/.el/'|xargs dlocate

E-Mail from Dan Jacobson

Watched Looney Tunes: Back in Action

Watched the movie at Rockwell with Dominique, Jerome, and Martin.
Hilarious movie – little plot, but lots of references.