December 3, 2003

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Bank accounts

I was thinking of opening a checking account at Equitable PCI because the bank branch is closer to Ateneo and having an account there will make it easy for me to pay the credit card bill. However, Equitable Card Online Services only works with Microsoft Internet Explorer. (glare, glare, hiss, hiss)

On the other hand, BPI supports direct deposit, which may make it more convenient. I like tracking the breakdown, so that means I'll still need to claim the pay slips, but I guess that works out too. According to, I can transfer to non-BPI accounts, although I need to pre-enroll.

The BPI Direct program looks very intruiging, as the checking account earns 2.0% per annum - the same rate as savings, more or less.

My confirmation number is 00001200312031035587914.

- Any 2 valid ID's (Driver's License, Passport, PRC ID, Credit Card, etc.) - 2X2 Picture - Proof of Billing Address