December 2, 2003

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Why am I trying to learn arch again?

More about arch

Okay, I’ve finally created and imported planner.el into an arch
repository. It certainly doesn’t seem as handy as RCS, but I guess
it’s supposed to be a Good Thing. That said, arch seems like overkill
for the kind of maintenance I’m doing right now.

E-Mail from Damien Elmes

emacs channel logs

w00t! Hacked the ground beef!

Thanks to Dominique’s advice, have figured out how to get nicely spiced ground beef. Had absolutely wonderful bite-sized tacos for lunch. Let Eric and Andrei taste it; they were much impressed.

Finished three tomatoes, a fourth of a head of lettuce, and 1/8th kilo of ground beef. (Actually, 1/10th looks like it’ll suffice.) Hadn’t touched onions at all.

Having hacked the taco / taco salad, must now find other things to do with ingredients in ref. Perhaps can begin with egg?

tla on debian

I needed to use tla add-tag *.el instead of tla add *.el.

Formulaic song

E-Mail from evidal

Midterms for CS21A

Scheduled for 2003.12.16

- Refactoring
– other stuff

w00t! Wireless works!

Had to configure the encryption key.

iwconfig wlan0 key xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xx


Apparently, it’s called hostap now. The 2.6 patch in hostap-source
applied without a hitch. Now let’s see if it’ll compile…