December 7, 2003

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Two-minute mysteries
an archive of the sort of thing you’re looking for,
“The 2-minute mystery writing club” I didn’t browse through the ones
listed; they’re written by school children, but that doesn’t really
mean anything about the quality…
Same organization as the above, but these seem to be from anybody who
wants to submit.
Don’t know what the group behind this page is about, but give it a

E-Mail from Barbara Bailey


E-Mail from Pedro Graca

Tutorial: Writing a new Emacs mode

Went out with Diane =)

Hot chocolate at Seattle’s Best – excellent chocolate, much better
than Starbucks. Watched fireworks, too.

Perfect date, ‘cept (a) she’s my girl friend, so it’s not _that_ kind
of a date, and (b) she kept thinking about a certain someone almost
all the time. <laugh> Still, good to spend time with her.

Testing 1 2 3

4 5 6 7 8 9


Applying learning style theory to college education


Bluepoint road tour

Last Friday (December 5, 2003), I joined the
Bluepoint Road Tour to talk about
Linux in the academe (SXI). I shared
my experiences with Linux as a student and as a teacher, and I also
showed how it makes sense from the administrator’s point of view. It
was tons of fun, particularly fielding questions during the open
forum! =)

Dominique went out of his way to escort me from
Ateneo to Lyceum – I’d literally have been lost without him. Karma++.
<grin> That made him a little late for his keynote speech
(whoops!), but Magie covered for him by extending
her talk for 15 minutes more. He talked about IBM and Linux.

I finally got to meet Eddie Salonga. I knew
him from BBSing, but hadn’t met him until then. His parents joined us
for dinner at Oody’s in Greenbelt; apparently, his dad is a senator.
(Nice guy; smiles a lot!)


Testing the hopefully fixed restrictions

I was having problems with planner-update-task messing around with my
restrictions. Phooey.


Note guids

Notes should probably have GUIDs so that I can do update-notes as
well. However, note updating does not really make sense with
remember-planner-copy-on-xref set to nil…


Testing remember.el

I seem to have broken something recently.

Numbering on a per-page level

I wonder if setting planner-reverse-chronological-notes as a
file-local variable makes sense. I can’t think of a reason to use it,


Gerald Generoso’s comment on ComputerScienceEducationResearch — good karma