March 19, 2003

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web hosting – kevin koyner

Kevin Koyner ([email protected]) writes:
I’ve been using recently and have been happy with them. The
thing I like the best is the plan that I have — it’s called “Private
Webhosting” — and while it is on a shared server, I get my own,
virtually complete OS. So it’s more like having your own machine. Cost
— various plans, but even the low end at $52/year gets you 100 MB of

remember.el and rss feeds

brilliant idea: instead of parsing wiki pages to generate the RSS
feed, why don’t I just add a function to allow remember.el to save to
rss feeds? That seems like a much better way to do it, because I can
get more accurate timestamp information. Harder to edit and I’ll need
to remember to absolutize links, but it seems like a pretty decent