March 28, 2003

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Destiny back to normal

My connection’s back up to its normal speed. Whew!

Destiny connection slow

Destiny’s appallingly slow today. I’m getting around 1kb on my aptitude connections, and is s-l-o-w…

technology website is a great gadget-oriented Slashdot-like site. Visit and bookmark.

Open source primers

On [email protected], Karsten M. Self links to many handy open source primers.
I’ve added then to the OpenSource node.

Mozilla calendar servers

d[email protected], Vineet Kumar:

apache + libapache-mod-dav will act as a calendar server for Mozilla Calendar.

More on mozilla plugins

From [email protected],org, Simon Piette: is a good solution. It’s the following of
junkbuster. You can disable a plugin by default, and you can re-enable
them site by site. Since it will change the HTML code embedding the
flash file, so more messages about a missing plugin. Also, I think more recent
versions of mozilla have a switch for that, and maybe some prefs.js
editing could do it on 1.0.