April 1, 2003

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Code fragment repository?

Also, see http://dumbcode.org . Is http://www.freshbones.net up yet?

(Update 2003.12.30: http://sourceforge.net/snippet is alive and well.
http://www.freshbones.net is still not up. http://dumbcode.org is dead.)

Blender export

Oh joy, Blender and Python go together nicely. Useful links:

- Blender Exporter – From
the site: This Python export script dumps everything having to do with
3D models to a readable external text file. Also see http://jetresourceutil.sourceforge.net/BlenderFileConverter.html .

- Python API Development

- Writing an Export Script

Computer Science Unplugged — education

In the thread “CS for 5th graders” on the ACM SIGCSE members mailing list, Beth Simon writes:

The unequivocal winner is “Computer Science Unplugged”
A book available in print or electronically at:

The summary also points to math games and puzzles.