April 11, 2003

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I’ll be teaching this summer!

Marco Changho informs me of my schedule as a new faculty member.

Ok, Sacha.  We'll have you aboard in the summer.  You will teach CS 21a and the
schedule is as I previously noted in my email Daily 9:00-10:30.


Which means I have to start preparing… fast!

Sampizcat, canna and kinput2

I was tracking down a Redhat Japanese language support problem for
someone on #linuxhelp. Sampizcat wanted to turn off the kana-kanji
conversion, but it wasn’t straightforward, so he or she is doing a
reinstall. Wish I could have helped more.

Emacs-wiki and httpd problem

yvonne on freenode#emacs reports a problem using emacs-wiki.el and
httpd.el; I thought I had reproduced it earlier, but it
disappeared. No idea what’s wrong with yvonne’s setup since mine
works, and have been trying to figure out what’s wrong. No clue.