April 16, 2003

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Free software in education — education

- http://www.emacswiki.org/cgi-bin/oddmuse.pl?SiteMap
– freenode#fsedu

Free.net.ph mail still broken?

I don’t have access to my [email protected] account and I’ll be out
this weekend anyway.

Leaving for Daet at midnight

Leaving for a surfing weekend. Well, my sister’s definitely planning
on surfing. Me? I’ll probably be working on the

Tense changed.

From now on, planner page stories will be written in past tense
whenever appropriate. Present tense just sounded too weird. Old
planner pages will not be updated to reflect this.

Debian Developers

Unfortunately there’s a Debian Developer named “sacha”, so I guess I’ll have to settle for sachac if ever…

Debian Developers in the Philippines

None yet. Hmmm.

Debian packaging

passes lintian checks and builds with debbuild. Yay! Now to figure out what to do next..

My GPG key fingerprint

A6FA E1C8 E93A 6647 CE4D 99C9 64EE 32AC BE2D 08EC

Debian package: glark for searching text files

glark supports Perl-compatible regexes, match highlighting, complex expressions and exclusion of non-text files.

Combining PDFs

Torquil Macdonald on the debian-user mailing list says that
http://www.pdfeverywhere.com/pdfmerge.tar.gz and
http://www.pdfeverywhere.com/pdfsplit.tar.gz can be used to merge
several PDFs into one big one.