July 28, 2003

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Persons With Disability Waiting to Feel ICT’s Impact

By Nina Somera
Posted 18 June 2003

While most segments of the Philippine society has already felt the
benefits brought by the advances in information and communications
technology (ICT), a neglected sector — persons with disability
(PWD) — has yet to experience its favorable effect.

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Interesting mail stats

I ran gnus-stat.el on my mail.misc mailbox and these stats came up:
(my name appears because I gcc myself)

Total number of posts: 3421
Average bytes/post: 9682.003508
Total number of posters: 546
Average posts/poster: 6.265568

1100 Sacha Chua

113 Richi Plana 85 Apache 80 Eric Vidal 58 Luis F. G. Sarmenta, Ph.D. 53 [email protected] 52 Thomas Gehrlein 49 Harvey Chua 41 mario carreon 38 Dominique Cimafranca 35 -marc- 34 Martin Gomez 31 Aadisht Khanna 26 Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo 25 Marc Fabie 24 Rogelio M. Serrano Jr. 23 Seiryu Seikun 21 [email protected] 21 Dean Michael Berris 19 Ronald Abigan

Total number of subjects: 1578 Average posts/subject: 2.167934

74 53 none 35 sachawiki: Welcome Page 23 twiddler 23 hi 19 proposal for information exchange 17 Hi! 15 greetings from the outside world 14 Reply on the display power supply plus class site and parallel interfacing lecture 14 planner.el 14 sachawiki: On Love 13 just want to say hi 13 Topic Reply Notification - On helping: what is too much help? 13 CS 123 and CS 231 13 sachawiki: 2003.06.04 13 CS123 client interview on Tuesday 12 [SFiles] 20021227: The One with the Assignment 12 hello 12 Topic Reply Notification - On Open vs Proprietary Formats 12 planner.el bugfix and minor changes


Swish-E and Gnus

swish-e -i . -N ~/Mail/index.swish -f ~/Mail/index.incremental -e -v 2
swish-e -M index.swish index.incremental index.tmp
mv index.tmp index.swish