January 2004

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Jan 30JM Ibanez’ stories !Uncategorized
Jan 30Interactive media, interaction design and physical interfaces !Uncategorized
Jan 30Percussion Freaks !Uncategorized
Jan 30Caimlas’ story !Uncategorized
Jan 30A Stone’s Throw – first draft !Uncategorized
Jan 29Lazy programming !Uncategorized
Jan 29Interactive media, interaction design and physical interfaces !Uncategorized
Jan 29Ragnarok on Linux !Uncategorized
Jan 28Functional decomposition and logic !Uncategorized
Jan 27Wearable computing !Uncategorized
Jan 27Tech writing !Uncategorized
Jan 27Wearable computing article !Uncategorized
Jan 27Letter to doctex !Uncategorized
Jan 27Use cases for scheduled updates !Uncategorized
Jan 27Met with docprex !Uncategorized
Jan 27Java and Linux !Uncategorized
Jan 27Other links !Uncategorized
Jan 27Resuming CookOrDie !Uncategorized
Jan 27Interesting links !Uncategorized
Jan 27TheologicalQuestions !Uncategorized
Jan 27Ganesh Swami responds !Uncategorized
Jan 27iKnow !Uncategorized
Jan 27“Now Where Was I? New Ways to Revisit Web Sites” !Uncategorized
Jan 27“Disabled to Get Greater Access to Linux” !Uncategorized
Jan 27CS1 assignments in Java !Uncategorized
Jan 27USB-powered head-mounted device !Uncategorized
Jan 27Gesture-based interfaces overview !Uncategorized
Jan 26Going Home !Uncategorized
Jan 25Benefits of color-coding !Uncategorized
Jan 25Weblogs as Filing Cabinets emacs
Jan 25The First Letter !Uncategorized
Jan 25Story !Uncategorized
Jan 24The First Letter !Uncategorized
Jan 24Story !Uncategorized
Jan 23BPI Science Award reunion !Uncategorized
Jan 23Tales from under my desk !Uncategorized
Jan 23Cool keyboards and mice !Uncategorized
Jan 23Cute Slashdot comment! !Uncategorized
Jan 22More thoughts !Uncategorized
Jan 22Ink-stained hands !Uncategorized
Jan 22Meeting an old semi-acquaintance !Uncategorized
Jan 22Free online books update !Uncategorized
Jan 22xauth recipe !Uncategorized
Jan 21Answer key !Uncategorized
Jan 20Script adoption !Uncategorized
Jan 20“Wireless for the Disabled” !Uncategorized
Jan 20“Transforming Thoughts Into Deeds” !Uncategorized
Jan 20“Lines Blurring Between Handhelds and Wearables” !Uncategorized
Jan 20CS21B !Uncategorized
Jan 20Scenes from the science fiction convention 1 conference
Jan 19Second sem thoughts teaching
Jan 19CS21A, reading exercises, and programming !Uncategorized
Jan 19Gerald Generoso’s reflections on being on the other side !Uncategorized
Jan 19Linux in Education !Uncategorized
Jan 19Twiddler problem !Uncategorized
Jan 16Ooooooh, call! !Uncategorized
Jan 16Girl! !Uncategorized
Jan 15Status report !Uncategorized
Jan 14xgesture !Uncategorized
Jan 14Mouse gestures !Uncategorized
Jan 14Window manager !Uncategorized
Jan 13Wayv and research potential !Uncategorized
Jan 13Geek power !Uncategorized
Jan 13Dominique’s cousin’s mailing address !Uncategorized
Jan 13Knitting so far !Uncategorized
Jan 13Woohoo! Emacspeak back up! emacs
Jan 12Knowing one’s self !Uncategorized
Jan 12On technology and lifestyle life, passion, purpose
Jan 12Timestamps all screwy !Uncategorized
Jan 12committing !Uncategorized
Jan 12Emacs hacks emacs
Jan 12“Head-Up Displays Get Second Chance” !Uncategorized
Jan 11Kernel configuration !Uncategorized
Jan 11Backlog of expenses !Uncategorized
Jan 11Reflections from the other day !Uncategorized
Jan 9WEP key for faculty LAN !Uncategorized
Jan 9More reviewers! !Uncategorized
Jan 9Basic balance calculation !Uncategorized
Jan 8Fantastic resource! Ateneo has access! !Uncategorized
Jan 8I have a really cute quiz for files !Uncategorized
Jan 8Back online! !Uncategorized
Jan 8Jargon File blog !Uncategorized
Jan 8Backlog of expenses !Uncategorized
Jan 4Cat collar !Uncategorized
Jan 4Counting in Dutch !Uncategorized
Jan 4Factoid surprise !Uncategorized
Jan 2Family businesses !Uncategorized
Jan 2Reading exercises !Uncategorized
Jan 2Monthly hacks: vc-arch.el emacs
Jan 2emacs-wiki-id.el emacs
Jan 2Code Reading: The Open Source Perspective !Uncategorized
Jan 2emacs-wiki sites emacs
Jan 2Emacs-wiki community wiki emacs
Jan 2Blogging is alive and well under Emacs emacs
Jan 2Emacs-wiki and RSS feeds emacs
Jan 2Places to visit !Uncategorized
Jan 1On losing my data !Uncategorized
Jan 1Paper: Problem-based learning for foundation computer science courses !Uncategorized
Jan 1Considering part-time !Uncategorized
Jan 1Ackpth, lost mail !Uncategorized
Jan 1Consolidating archives emacs
Jan 1LDAP admin !Uncategorized
Jan 1Good night in Dutch !Uncategorized
Jan 1Reaction to OnLove !Uncategorized
Jan 1File-local variables in vim !Uncategorized
Jan 1On days !Uncategorized
Jan 1SIGCSE: The first stop for computer science education research !Uncategorized
Jan 1Resolutions for 2004 yearly
Jan 1Old computer !Uncategorized