January 16, 2004

Bulk view

Ooooooh, call!

So my bag rung earlier, and an unfamiliar Australian voice said, “Hi,
Sacha! My name is Sam. We talked on the Net before,” or something like
that. I was, like, ummm… then he introduced himself as Sam Watkins,
and I laughed and thanked him for the book. He’s a really nice guy.
His ideas are a bit far-out and almost pseudo-science-ish, and I’d
rather not be a discouraging (and possibly wrong) skeptic, but he’s a
great human.


Got all dolled up yesterday for the Mobile Philippines shoot, which
was tons of fun. Good makeup artist, great photographer – and they
were somewhat surprised at the ease at which I could be posed and
whatnot. Shrugged and explained that my father’s into advertising,

I guess people will just have to wait for the pictures in the
magazine. I think that issue will be out by first week or two of

Typing this after the Cosmo VTR. Let’s see what happens to that. I’m
starting to hope I get it. That’d be tons of fun, although a little
bit freaky, as it seems to be a telecom ad thing. (WHEW! So it’s _not_
the magazine! Cosmopolitan Promotions and Casting Agency.)

So, am I about to go mainstream? ;)