February 8, 2004

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“Geeks Put the Unsavvy on Alert: Learn or Log Off”

With viruses such as MyDoom spreading, technophiles are chastising users
they view as wanting the benefits of digital technology while shirking from
the responsibilities that come with using it. World Wide Web Artists
Consortium President Scott Bowling writes, “It takes affirmative action on …

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Gerald R. Generoso wrote in to say that http://www.bloodshed.net has a
simple and easy-to-use tool for programming. This is probably
Bloodshed’s DevC++, which I rather like, but don’t like as much as
Emacs. ;)

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Oops, lost notes

Pfft! Carefully typed notes lost because I forgot to C-c C-c the
*Remember* buffer before closing my computer. The battery drained.