February 16, 2004

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gnu.emacs.sources/tex-skak.el: a way to typeset chess moves and board diagrams in LaTeX

This is a special mode for editing LaTeX files which use the skak package.

\usepackage{skak} is a beautiful way to typeset chess
moves and board diagrams in LaTeX. This file implements
a special editing mode for such documents ontop of the
AUC TeX and chess.el packages. Both packages are very
flexible and extensible. This file can be considered glue
code to unify the power of both packages.

Mirrored at ../emacs/tex-skak.el

E-Mail from Mario Lang

Windows to Linux roadmap

“You’re moving from Windows to Linux. You’ve decided you want the
stability, flexibility, and cost savings of Linux, but you have many
questions in your head. Isn’t Linux like Unix? Isn’t Unix hard? Where do
you begin to make sense of all of this? Is there a map you can follow?

This roadmap is designed to help you take the experience and knowledge
that you already have in computing and redirect it to working in Linux.
It’s not the only reference you’ll ever need, but it will help you get
past some of your first obstacles and adjust to a new and, I think,
exciting approach to computing. As you follow this roadmap, you’ll
discover many new resources to help you learn, troubleshoot, and manage


E-Mail from Jeremy Hogan