March 9, 2004

Jester: A test coverage tool that introduces bugs

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“Why just think your tests are good when you can know for sure?
Sometimes Jester tells me my tests are airtight, but sometimes the
changes it finds come as a bolt out of the blue. Highly recommended.”
Kent Beck

Jester finds code that is not covered by tests. Jester makes some
change to your code, runs your tests, and if the tests pass Jester
displays a message saying what it changed. Jester includes a script
for generating web pages that show the changes made that did not
cause the tests to fail.

E-Mail from Calen Martin D. Legaspi

Free calculus textbooks

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More stuff about finite automata in LaTeX

March 9, 2004 - Categories: emacs

I had exactly this issue when I was tutoring a group of Computability
Theory students. I found that only GNU Pic gave good results. You can
embed pic inline in LaTeX documents and have it render properly but
it’s probably better results to use a Makefile and run pic/groff to
get EPS files.


P.S. thanks for all the planner-mode help… I am up and running!!

E-Mail from David O’Toole

CS161 Finals Schedule

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Whoops, we don’t have a schedule for the CS161 finals yet. I’d like to
have it on Thursday morning or on Wednesday. Tell all your classmates
who are not currently exempted to e-mail me their schedule for the
finals by Wednesday midnight. Urgent.