March 12, 2004

CS161 Final Exam Schedule

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Thursday, 2004.03.25, 9:30 – 11:30, CTC 312

Test notes again for dates

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ZOE email client

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Slicing and dicing your e-mail. I want an Emacs interface to this, and
I want it to deal with more than just my e-mail.

Ideas I can steal:

– keyword search
– people
– files
– links

Cyclic task support

March 12, 2004 - Categories: emacs

PlannerMode now supports cyclic tasks through planner-cyclic.el .
Not bad for an hour of hacking. Comments welcome!


Kendra’s valedictorian!

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Yaaaaay! Thought so. W00t!
Congratulations, Kendra!

An anthology of teacher stories

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This anthology seeks submissions including fiction from teachers (“all
levels, full and part time, pre- or post-service”) on the theme of
“things lost and found in our classrooms and in our lives today.”

This anthology is connected with Plymouth State College.

For more info, see the URL

E-Mail from [email protected]

More about diagrams in Linux

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From Allan Espinosa:

xfig is a great clipart diagramming editor the “wysiwyg” component does
not look too good when zoomed out. for example, a polygon created does
not look like a “polygon” but just jagged lines. But when zoomed in the
polygon can be seen. The rendering to postscript was also exceptionally
good with anti-aliasing. what are you guys using to edit *.fig files?
will compilation with xaw3d widgets fix this or the xaw3d libraries are
just eyecandy? the screenshots from the site looks nicely
rendered but i thinked they zoomed it enough not to show all the ugly
aliasing and poor rendering

xfig is good for quick and dirty diagrams but if i want to have good
looking pictures with subscripts and formulas I use GNU pic/ dpic with
m4 macros. the circuit_macros package from is one of the best
schematic drawing packages out there. The output looks like text-book
quality schematics!

E-Mail from allan espinosa

Directory of Australian postgraduate research in computer science

March 12, 2004 - Categories: geek, research

How helpful of them! This is so cool.