June 14, 2004

Reflections on class today

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– CS21A-B: **OK:** The mail system simulation mostly worked,

although it could still be tweaked slightly. His slides were okay,
too. **NI:** People need to be assigned reasons
to use the mail system simulation.

– CS21A-G: **OK:** My slides. Ended three minutes early, but

otherwise pretty okay. Got a few laughs. **NI:**
I could use a presentation chockful of filler material.

– CS110-A: **OK:** I prepared slides with the outline. **NI:** I ended

much too early. Should always have the next session ready, I

– CS139.3: **OK:** Again, brief overview with class outline and

policies. 3n+1 was a surprisingly enlightening problem. **NI:**
Brief primer on working with the online judge? Also, scared a number
of the students.

Pasta carbonara out of a package

June 14, 2004 - Categories: -Uncategorized

Finally got around to trying out the packaged carbonara mix. It was
okay, although a bit on the salty side. It tasted, well, like
carbonara. One package can be used for 4 servings as a side dish, but
since I was too lazy to cook a separate dish and store the left-over
carbonara, I had it as the main dish. Some more variety would probably
make it less like classy instant noodles.

Tomorrow I’m going to try pancakes, if I wake up early enough. I
should find a sari-sari store that lets me buy one egg at a time. I
had to buy a dozen, and I have no plans of finishing them all during
the week. That’d be unhealthy.

I wonder if we can set up some kind of coop…

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I still had a fair amount
of time after getting home, cooking dinner, cleaning our
mold-encrusted toaster (eeeeeeeewwww!), and fixing my clothes and my
bed. I feel more or less at ease. =)

Prepared for CS21A

June 14, 2004 - Categories: -Uncategorized

Okay, I should be satisfactorily prepared for CS21A now. For Dr.
Sarmenta’s class, I can walk through parts of the lab exercise and
challenge them with drawn figures on the board. For my class, I plan
to go through the post office simulation. If I have time after the
debriefing, I’ll do an intro to the lab. The interactive part should
be doable.