June 22, 2004

Knoppix: The Easiest Way to Get Started with Linux

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(Description of talk I'll deliver at the Philippine Open Source Conference on 2004.08.17 from 15:00 to 17:00)

Want to try out Linux without formatting your system? Knoppix is a quick and painless way to turn almost any computer with into a full-featured Linux system. All you need is a CD drive! Learn about some of the cool things you can do with this no-risk Linux system.


 - What is Knoppix?
 - Getting started
 - Some applications
   - OpenOffice.org
   - GIMP (graphics)
 - Sharing files with Windows computers
   - Floppy
   - Network Neighborhood
 - Installing Knoppix on your hard disk
 - Getting more help

E-Mail to Fernando D. Contreras, Jr.

Tickle Super-IQ test

June 22, 2004 - Categories: geek

131? Hmm. I wonder what questions I got wrong... <muses>

The way you think about things makes you a Creative Theorist. This means you are a highly intelligent, complex person. You are able to process information of nearly every kind with ease, using both creativity and analysis to make sense of the world. Compared to others you also have a very rich imagination.


Potato surprise

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The potato surprise mentioned yesterday was actually pretty okay, although I think I should've left it in the micro for a minute or two more so that the egg cooked completely. Next time, I can omit the rice and just eat the potato+egg+corned.beef mix as is. Slightly larger potatoes might be nice.

Potato Surprise

- 2 hollowed-out potato shells from last night's potato soup - 1 small can of corned beef (the smallest you can find; I'll look up the exact measurement soon) - 1 egg - Handful of minced onions

1. Fry corned beef with onions on high heat until it's nice and

crunchy. (Essentially, we are satisfying ourselves that the corned beef is more or less edible...)

2. Crack egg into bowl.

3. Mix corned beef into egg. Add salt if you want.

4. Pour mixture into potato shells.

5. Microwave potatoes for 2.5 minutes or until it seems safe. I

microwaved them in one of my ultra-wonderful rigid-plastic containers (not the cheap ones that deform; this is heavy stuff!) with an airhole, which kept the potatoes nice and moist.

Okay lunch.