July 14, 2004

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Concerns about graduate school

The school I would really like to go to has the following note about Philippine schools:

 Master's Minimum Admission Requirements:

    * Four year Bachelor's Degree Equivalent: All Disciplines - Completion of both Bachelor`s and Master`s degrees with first class standing

    * Mid-B Equivalent: 1.5 (reversed scale)

I think I will need to take the GRE CS test to help reassure them (and
me!) of where I am in terms of education. I hope that and strong
letters of recommendation will be enough. I’m not sure.

Talked to DocV about my plans

Told him about my GRE scores, and he was very encouraging. Also told
him about my interest in personal information management. He’s glad I
managed to stick to something. Yes, having a user/developer community
does wonders for my focus. =) He said not to worry too much about my
grades. I hope I get into the grad schools I want to attend!

Class reflections

– CS21A: Dr. Sarmenta did the worm thingy for control. I need to find

a better way to explain that, as it seemed to have gone over most
people’s heads. My class had fun with the while loop exercises, though.

– CS110: More deque implementation. People are doing surprisingly

well, even those who weren’t really paying attention in class.

– CS139.3: I think I just got up there and babbled. Must fix.